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    Patriotic reds, crimson pinks and deep berries were popular


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    Patriotic reds, crimson pinks and deep berries were popular Empty Patriotic reds, crimson pinks and deep berries were popular

    Post  millon on Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:07 pm

    From the Florist, Yumiko Fletcher…An all white palette for the table in vintage glasses and milk glass containers…. flowers used were white football mums, spider mums, amaryllis, paperwhites, anemones and accents of white feathers and gold. The milk glass containers had mounds of white carnations and soft pink ornaments. The Bride’s bouquet was a composition of magenta peonies, hot pink garden roses, deep purple anemones, pink oriental lilies, seeded eucalyptus, glittery feathers and feather boa collar along with blush ribbon wrap The Groom’s boutonniere was a deep plum anemone, gold leaf accent and seeded eucalyptus berries wrapped in sheer gold ribbon.evening dresses

    From the Makeup Artist, Jennie Fresa…The 1940′s had the war to set the tone and define a woman’s hair and makeup styles. Glamour was in and the “sex-kitten” look was alive! To create the makeup looks, I used velvety powders in pink hues, to smooth out the skin. Blush was used in pink tones and applied high on the cheek bones. My favorite part of 1940′s makeup, was the lips. prom dresses

    Patriotic reds, crimson pinks and deep berries were popular, perhaps to symbolize optimism. Eyes were kept simple, for the most part. We also used a lot of rich brown and deep aubergine shadows. During my research, I discovered that mascara had found it’s place in the 40′s, so we used a lot of black mascara and added length with layered false lashes. Brows were defined and more dramatic than in the past years. Hair was smooth and romantic. Lindsay Milan created stunning styles that were indicative of true “pin-up” glamour. evening dresses

    There is something completely magical about today’s photoshoot. It’s very Anthropologie, very dreamy. It’s the kind of life that I live inside of my crazy imagination and to see that really come to life is such a treat. Designed by Lucinda Wesson of Chocolate Creative Design, along with help from some of our favorite Connecticut vendors (see full list below), the style is so steal-worthy, I hope you are all saving it in your must have folders!wedding dresses

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