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    Russian Finance Minister to encourage its people smoking


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    Russian Finance Minister to encourage its people smoking Empty Russian Finance Minister to encourage its people smoking

    Post  zjc2063 on Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:18 pm

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    online.According to the U.S."Huffington Post" news, Russian Finance Minister Alexei

    Kudrin (Alexei Kudrin) has put forward a surprising point of view, to encourage more

    people smoking, drinking in the hope of promoting the expansion of

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    economic growth. Kudrin Zhefan unexpected remarks published in the Russian government is

    ready to tobacco, alcohol tax increases on the eve. He believes that many people

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    drinking in both the expenditure will increase, helping to increase revenue, promote

    local economic development, and the Government will have more money for the

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    of public welfare. Kudrin said: "People must understand that smoking and drinking is

    also possible to contribute to the country's. More smoke a pack of cigarettes,
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    contribute to a solution to social problems." Currently, the majority of Russia the

    price of cigarettes per Package of 40 rubles (8.87 yuan), tax rate is levied on tobacco

    one of the lowest in Europe. This year in June, the Russian Ministry of Finance

    announced a new tax plan, and plan to increase cigarette prices by 2013 to 590 rubles

    per pack (130.7 yuan).
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    Analysts believe that Russia's 65% of men are fond of tobacco and alcohol, tobacco and

    liquor tax increase, will certainly welcome.

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