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    A strange number of text messages


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    A strange number of text messages Empty A strange number of text messages

    Post  zjc2063 on Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:02 am

    A strange number of text messages

    Ms.Cheap UGG boots Sale[/b] Flowers said

    yesterday afternoon, her phone suddenly showed a strange number of text messages. Message

    content, "said an urgent appeal to all parents carefully consider the 100 million children in

    immediate additional vaccination requirements,
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    products donated by the United States may well be chronic poison", while the content of the

    message that if want to know why see "blog.
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    Baidu's input on this morning, then blog name, immediately appeared on the page "blog urgent

    question: why the United Nations Children's something wrong with the Chinese vaccine?" Link.

    Click the number of journalists into not
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    found the blog, but found many forums talking about this speech, some posts do not believe the

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    comments, also expressed concern that some posts. "Does not mean that voluntary? Then why sign

    two words, may really have problems," said a Shanghai friends, read messages, to consider

    whether to go with children vaccinated.
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    Placement vaccine produced in Beijing Beijing, Lanzhou six members of the public can rest

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    assured that vaccination beginning this week, the city expects to have 2 million school-age

    children are joining the concentration of the measles vaccine
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