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    Insect bites tick disease is preventable and controllable no need to panic


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    Insect bites tick disease is preventable and controllable no need to panic Empty Insect bites tick disease is preventable and controllable no need to panic

    Post  zjc2063 on Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:22 am

    Insect bites tick disease is preventable and controllable no need to panic

    Henan Province, Director of CDC in Henan Province in an interview with Xinhua that in recent years,

    Xinyang, Henan Province and other regions have been discovered and reported the occurrence of tick

    fever after insect bites with thrombocytopenia as the main manifestation of clinical cases,

    individuals with severe patients due to multiple organ damage, treatment died. Some cases were

    diagnosed man granulocytic anaplasmosis, while some cases no evidence of granulocytic anaplasmosis

    infection. Ministry of Health attaches great importance to and actively organize experts to study

    and explore the causes of these diseases. To make prevention and control of the disease, experts

    will be the name of the disease tentatively fever syndrome associated with thrombocytopenia. May

    2010, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention case in parts of Henan province found

    Bunia infection, the media may be ticks, and human granulocytic anaplasmosis same. Monitoring shows

    that very few such cases found in the urban population, more cases of adult farmers, mainly in

    hilly areas, 5 to June more cases. Disease clinical manifestations were fever with

    thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, and more acute onset, may be associated with fatigue, anorexia,

    nausea, some ill will may appear black, bleeding gums and other parts of the symptoms, liver and

    kidney can occur in some cases more than organ damage. Tick-borne diseases are relatively common in

    China, far more mature means of prevention and control. Avoid tick bites is to reduce the risk of

    infection of the main measures to prevent the disease's main strategy is to guide the public,

    particularly high-risk groups to reduce or avoid exposure to ticks and the symptoms were promptly

    inform the doctor. The disease is now the major anti-virus treatment and symptomatic treatment.

    Experts point out that ticks are mainly found in grasslands, woods and other environments should

    avoid prolonged sitting and lying in such an environment. For access to these areas, particularly

    areas have been found over the patient should pay attention to good personal protection, wearing a

    tight mouth, light-colored, smooth long-sleeved clothing to prevent tick attachment or bites, and

    easy to find ticks attached . Also available on the exposed skin and clothing spray DEET (DEET)

    repellent for protection, etc.; ticks often attach to the body of the scalp, waist, armpits, groin

    and other parts below the ankle. Activities in tick habitat or activity, should be carefully

    examined whether the ticks attached to the body, such as ticks found attached to the body, should

    immediately remove the tick tweezers and other tools.zhujiancheng20100909<P>

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