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    We organized this event purpose is to enable the community


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    We organized this event purpose is to enable the community Empty We organized this event purpose is to enable the community

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    We organized this event purpose is to enable the community

    Turning to "build a harmonious and civilized Internet" online essay contest and knowledge purpose

    and meaning, Wang Dawei said that the current existence of individual websites pornography,

    gambling phenomenon, uncivilized, rude, we organized this event purpose is to enable the community,

    parents, students make concerted efforts, participation of all sectors of society, especially in

    mobilizing the enthusiasm of some large sites, and jointly promote the civilization and the

    Internet, build a harmonious online community. It's like the real world in the fight against crime

    and illegal when people are the main force, we purify the Internet, to promote a civilized, the

    majority of Internet users is the main force. Network Civilization by parents, school, relying on

    our own, by the whole society to work together. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of active Internet

    users of civilization, and this is the significance of this event lies. Building as "Suzhou Garden"

    green network environment as the highest goal of so-called "civilized, harmonious, and the green

    network environment" in the end what should look like? In response, Wang Dawei, said: "I think the

    Internet is not a virtual thing, but a real thing. Suzhou garden is beautiful, people felt the

    deposition of China five thousand years of civilization. I think if the networks built one as

    beautiful as the Suzhou gardens, there is no 'junk', not 'pollution' of the green environment,

    then, and in a civilized and harmonious online objectives are achieved. want to create a civilized,

    harmonious and green environment, is to rely on each of us to pay their share of power in order to

    achieve such a good wish. "On the issue of youth addiction, Wang Dawei, for example, once the CYL

    Central Committee appointed a hospital to help young people quit addiction, there is a a mother

    asked him to go lecture, said: "Wang, our children have come such a long time, and how not to quit

    addiction?" he asked the child how long addiction problem it? The mother said that for ten years.

    He asked to quit addiction for a few days? Said three days. So he said to the mother, years of

    addiction how quit two or three days.zhujiancheng20100909<P>


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