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    as the church

    So long as the church shall assume to itself jimmy choo the unrighteous and destructive power of declaring what is jimmy choo shoes truth, and what is error, so long wijl the great mass of mankind be prevented from taking a clear view of those moral principles—of those eternal rules of justice, on which their highest happiness dep« n Is. Tne nature of the human mind and the nature of moral truth has undoubtedly created some obstacles 10 a perfect uniformity of opinion—but this of itself, while it proves the right of private decision, o- verthrows the pretended power of the church, and demonstrates that shp acts not frpm principle, but frorq regard to her own aggrandisement, and the perpetuity of her system. When reason shall have wrought her perfect work, fools will blush and be silent—impostors will disappear, and the earth will become the habitation of human happiness.
    Comments on the sacred writings of the Jews qnd Chris- tians: Genesis, Chapter jSrst.
    THERE is a single reflection which forces itself upon every contemplative mind, and which ought to create strong suspicion relative to jimmy choo uggs the divine origin of the scriptures. It is this ; these sacred writings are said to have been given by the creator to man for the special purpose of enlighteniug his understanding, in regard to sacred and interesting truths, a knowledge of which he could no otherwise obtain. Heaven deigned to descend to earth to instruct a wicked and apostate race of men. The ideas communicated were of a supernatural kind—they furnish an explicit direction to weak mortals, concerning the path of religious duty, which they ought to pursue,

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