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    their terrestrial

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    their terrestrial

    and their terrestrial travels were to terminate in a triumphant entrance, Into the mansions of eternal Glory. In this land of promise, in this celestial and blissful jimmy choo country, these redeemed worms of the dust, arc to sing louJ Hallelujahs to the jimmy choo uggs Lord forever! 'She means of accomplishing such glorious objects arc said to be so plainly revealed in these sacred books, as to be easily understood bv every one, and form a sure guide to the wavering and sinful soul, for a direct ascent to these realms of purity and happiness. But notwithstanding all the pains that God has taken and the marvellous intelligibility presumed to be contained in this revelation, we find tnat thousands of comments, and commentators, have appeared for the specific purpose of explaining and rendering intelligible, ihe already clear and intelligible word of God. The world has been filled with these theological productions from penny pamphlets, up to huge folio volumes, and yet after all, there are found upon the earth more than two hundred different christian sectaries, caviling and quarrelling about the word of God and the true meaning of the sacred scriptures—they have jimmy choo shoes filled the world with their violence—they have drawn their daggers upon each other with savage ferocity—they have made the earth one great aceldama—one extensive field of blood, and all this because they could not understand in the same point of view,

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