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    the plain

    the plain and simple word of God, revealed from heaven for jimmy choo shoes the express purpose of illumiuating a lost and wicked world.Amidst such religious discords, such diversity of ecclesiastical opinions, it will perhaps be pardonable, and even useful to present one more comment for the consolation of agonising and distracted man. It is believed that we have as good a right to tread upon this sacred ground as any of those splendid dignitaries—those divine theologists, who have preceded in the contested race of religious glory.
    The firtt chapter of Genesis commences in the following manntr. In the beginning God created the jimmy choo heaven and jimmy choo uggs the earth, and the earth was without form and void.
    Chronological accounts of terrestrial origin are invelop- ed in clouds of thick darkness—different nations have presented to view such contradictory traditions—such a mas of superstitious credulity, that no certain information, no clear deduction can be drawn from this source. Historical accounts are in their nature exposed to a thousand objections ; this remark applies generally—but redoubles its force when the subject includes the origin of the world and the universality of existence. That mind is narrow and extremely circumscribed in its views, which has never rcfle6led upon the character and properties of matter, and the essential connexion which subsists between organized and unorganized matter. The theological tales which have descended from former ages, are of little consequence in a case of this kind—the question is philosophic, and to this important tribunal, the inquiry ought to be presented.

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