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    He said he would Empty He said he would

    Post  skechers on Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:26 am

    He said he wouldHe said he would like to see the widow get me. He said he would watch out. and if they tried to come any such game on him he knowed of a place six or seven mile oft, to stow me in. where Timberland UK they might hunt till they dropped and they couldn't find me. That made me pretty uneasy again, but only for a minute; I reckoned I wouldn't stay on hand till he got that chance.
    The old man made me go to the skiff and fetch the things he had got. There was a fifty-pound sack of corn meal, and a side of bacon, ammunition, and a four-gallon jug of whisky, and an old book and Timberland Boots two newspapers for wadding, besides some tow. I toted up a load, and went back and set down on the bow of the skiff to rest. Timberland I thought it all over, and I reckoned
    I would walk off with the gun and some lines, and take to the woods when I run away. I guessed I wouldn't stay in one place, but just tramp right across the country, mostly night times, and hunt and fish to keep alive, and so get so far away that the old man nor the widow couldn't ever find me any more. I judged I would saw out and leave that night if pap got drunk enough, and I reckoned he would. I got so full of it I didn't notice how long I was staying, till the old man hollered and asked me whether I was asleep or drownded.

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