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    a matter of faith Empty a matter of faith

    Post  allenflying on Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:22 pm

    At the period MonclerMoncler[/url] when the belief in witchcraft was a matter of faith, there was scarcely any plant but had some share in its mysteries, especially where its habitat at all corresponded with the baneful effects attributed to it. Thus the Circaea, or Enchanter's Nightshade, which was celebrated for the purpose of raising the devil, grew among the mouldering bones and decayed coffins in ruinous vaults.
    But beyond Moncler jacketsMoncler jackets all in power was the mandrake; this root was fabled to grow under a gallows or place of execution, and arose from the fatty matter dropping from the body of the dead, which gave it the shape of a man ; a fable somewhat similar to that of the serpent's teeth sowed by Cadmus. It is affirmed, by old authors, that mandrakes do make a noise, or give a great shriek, upon being pulled out of the earth,
    " Where the sad mandrake grows, Moncler vest Moncler vest Whose groans are deatliful."
    Thus there was great hazard of life to them that pulled up this root. Pliny saith, " When they intended to take up the root of this plant, they took the wind thereof, and with a sword describing three circles about it, they digged it up, looking towards the west'' Another more cautious authority directs, that he who would take it up, in common prudence should tie a dog to it, to accomplish his purpose, as, if he did it himself, he would shortly die. What promoted these strange conceptions might be the tradition, that this root was of great use to Circe, who, by the magic of simples, wrought so many wonders.
    The mention made of mandrakes in the thirtieth chapter of Genesis, has proved the source of much discussion; though it is quite evident that some other species of plant was spoken of, as being a thing much prized. St. Augustine, who has commented on this passage, says, " It was a great curiosity to behold, as it was very beautiful to the eyebut wondered why Kachael should set so high a value upon it, Moncler coat Moncler coatunless for its scarceness.

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