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    from his rationality



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    from his rationality

    Post  icedreams on Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:44 am

    from his rationality

    For man can, from his rationality, think whatever he pleases, as well with God as against God, and with the neighbor and against the neighbor : and he can also will and do what he thinks; but when he sees evil and fears punishment, he can from liberty desist from doing it. Man is man, and is distinguished from beasts, from these two faculties. These two faculties man has from the Lord, and he has them from Him continually; nor are they taken away from him; for if they should be jimmy choo taken away, his human would perish. In these two faculties the Lord is with every man, as well with the good as with the evil; they are the mansion of the Lord in the human race; hence it is, that every man, both good and evil, lives to eternity. But the mansion of the Lord is nearer with man, as man by means of thede faculties opens the higher degrees; for by the opening of these he comes into higher degrees of love and wisdom, and thus nearer to the Lord. Hepce it may be evident, that, as these degrees are opened, so man is in the Lord, and the Lord in It was said above, that the three degrees of altitude are as end, cause and effect, and that according to these degrees succeed love, wisdom and use ; wherefore here it shall be said, in few words, of love, that it is the end, of wisdom, that it is the cause, and of use, that it is the effect. Every one, who consults his reason, while it is in the light, jimmy choo uggs may see, that man's love is the end of all things of him; for what he loves, Jhis he thinks, this he concludes, and this he does, consequently he has it for an end. Man can also from his reason see, that wisdom is the cause, for he, or his love, which is the end, seeks in the understanding for means, by which he may arrive at his end; thus he consults his wisdom, and those means jimmy choo shoes make the cause by which: that use is the effect, appears without explanation.

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