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    That the understanding

    Post  icedreams on Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:45 am

    That the understanding

    That the understanding can be elevated into the light of heaven, or into angelic wisdom, and that his will cannot be elevated into the heat of heaven, or into angelic love, unless he shuns evils as sins, and looks to the Lord, has been evidently manifested to me from experience in the spiritual world. I have several times seen and perceived, that simple spirits, who only knew that there is aGod, and Cliat the Lord was born a man, and scarcely any thing besides, fully understood the arcana of angelic wisdom, almost like the angels,; nor they only, but also many of the diabolical orew; yet they understood when they heard, but not when they thought with themselves; for when they henrd, light entered from above, but when they thought with themselves, then no jimmy choo shoes other light jimmy choo uggs could enter, than what corresponded to their heat or love ; wherefore also, after they heard those arcana, and perceived them, when they turned away their ears, they retained nothing; yea, those who were of the diabolical crew, then rejected and utterly denied them. The reason was, because the fire of their love and its light, which were delusive, induced darkness, by which the heavenly light jimmy choo entering from above was extinguished.The like takes place in the world : a man, who is not quite stupid, and who had not from the pride of his proper intelligence confirmed falses in himself, when he hears persons speaking upon a more elevated subject, or when he reads such things, if he is in any affection of knowing, thea be understands them, and also retains, and afterwards can confirm them: a bad man can do so as well as a good one; also a bad man, although in heart he denies the divine things which are of the church, still can understand them, and also speak and preach them, also confirm them learnedly in writing.

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