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    The thing is similar



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    The thing is similar

    Post  icedreams on Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:46 am

    The thing is similar

    The thing is similar; for spiritual light corresponds to natural light, and spiritual heat corresponds to natural heat.This spiritual heat is not acquired otherwise, than by shunning evils as sins, and then looking to the Lord ; for so long as a man is in evils, he is also in the loveof them, for he is in lust after them ; and the love of evil, and lost, is in a love opposite to spiritual love and affection; and that love or lust cannot be removed, but by shunning evils as sins: and because man cannot shun them from jimmy choo himself, but from the Lord, therefore he must look to Him, When therefore he shuns them from the Lord, then the love of evil and its heat is removed, and in place of it is introduced the love of good and its heat, by which a higher degree is opened; for the Lord flows in from jimmy choo uggs above, and opens it, and then conjoins love or spiritual heat to wisdom or spiritual light; from wliich conjqnction man begins to flourish spiritually, like a tree in the time of spring.By the influx of spiritual light into all the three degrees of the mind, man is distinguished from beasts; and man, above beasts, can think analytically, and see not only natural but also jimmy choo shoes spiritual truths; and when he sees them he can acknowledge them, and so be reformed and regenerated. The faculty of receiving spiritual light is what is understood by rationality, of which above, which every man has from the Lord, and which is not taken away from him; for if it were taken away, he could not be reformed. From that faculty, which is called rationality, it is, that man not only can think, but also speak from thought, otherwise than beasts, and then from his other faculty, which is called liberty, of which also above, he can do those things which he thinks from understanding. Because these two faculties, rationality and liberty, which are proper to man, have been treated of above, therefore nothing more will be said of them here.

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