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    Thus circumstanced

    Thus circumstanced, was it strange that Effa's manner should speak somewhat of coldness ? She was grateful to Mrs. Brierley, and also to Dr. Pierpont, but his visits to her were made at fixed and distant intervals, and were short in duration; his inquiries respecting the progress of her education, his constant inculcation of the necessity of improvement, and his strong representations of her self-dependence, notwithstanding his assurances of kindness and friendship, always sent her from such interviews with an aching heart and depressed spirits, which, in spite of her habitual self-command, would cau$e agitated and almost heart-broken tears.
    What were Effa's feelings when Mrs. Brier-ley told her of the intended change of her situation and prospects? She assented to the Timberland Outlet praises bestowed upon Dr. Pierpont for jimmy choo uggs past benefits; she willingly believed him Cheap Timberland Boots to be the amiable person described to her, but when Timberland Boots Outlet Mrs. Brierley told her that he was her uncle, her father's brother, the colour rushed to her face, joy for a moment beamed in her eyes, a gladness such as jimmy choo had never before been witnessed in the expression of her countenance, shone brightly Timberland Boots forth; and with deep emotions of mingled happiness and timidity, she repeated, " My uncle, my father's brother, Timberland Boots for Women and who was my mother?"
    " Of your mother," replied jimmy choo shoes Mrs. Brierley, with a gesture which Effa fully understood, and Timberland Boots for Men which instantaneously subdued the mute expression of the poor child's joy, and gave rise to fear and doubt in her mind.

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