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    For a moment

    For a moment she stood before her friend in silence, regarding her with pity and astonishment, her hands gently resting upon Effa's knees; at length she said, " I thought you would be very happy now, Effa. Why should you cry ? You are going to be rich, and to have a home of your own, and friends to love you. Surely I must be the one to cry, for when you go away, there will be no one to love me."
    Effa threw her arms round the child's neck, and sobbed convulsively. She then quickly drew a comparison between her situation, and that of the little creature who had seated herself upon her knee, the orphan child of charity; she blamed herself for not beings sufficiently grateful for the favours bestowed upon her, and as the advantages of station and wealth passed through her mind, she resolved to use them in assisting the child who had hitherto been the object of her greatest love. She was young, and as her tears dried, and her first emotion ceased, she thought of the happiness to be derived from riches, of the gay scenes upon which she should now enter, of the pleasures which she should now enjoy; then again would a doubt of the happiness Timberland Boots for Men of all these, chase the smile from her lips, and gladness from her eye. She knew that every station has its peculiar duties and proprieties, and that a Cheap Timberland Boots change of it necessarily brings a consequent alteration in our habits to fill it rightly and justly; Timberland Boots for Women hitherto her duties had been humble and circumscribed, in future they would be-.come of more importance, and their sphere enlarged; was she equal to a right and proper performance of them ? She had hitherto lived secluded, and had been an unnoticed, and almost an unknown member of society; in future her home would be one of splendour, and she would be an observed actor Timberland Boots Outlet upon thewke a mtantr cf Irie lacOTness, far tk omUxj^t fi x p Mhii, oe pao^iiaes of oteenrtfr, fcr ti TOy.Tffraesg jimmy choo cf nx« — the nfetr of k^baes sd p:TOty, fee the dangers of dignity abi ikks — jimmy choo shoes tic independence of se&refta&ce, scbjecdao to the will, perhaps caprice, of others —and Timberland Outlet fear, doubt, and distrust of her altered fortune moved her heart alternately with the undefined joy and pleasure which Timberland Boots youth attaches to the possession of the goods of this world.

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