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    On the 14th, the swelling of the


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    On the 14th, the swelling of the  Empty On the 14th, the swelling of the

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    On the 14th, the swelling of the elbow, which had been fomented, had nearly subsided, but the knee was more tender and inflamed. For several days, no marked alteration occurred, but the strength obviously declined, he grew delirious at night, the left knee became slightly inflamed on the 21st, on the 23rd the inspirations were difficult, and tiffany and co outlet at 10 p. m. of that day he expired.Such was the case at the time of admission, and from that period to the patient's death. The following is the history which he gave, and which we have purposely introduced here that it might not interfere with the narrative of the facts which were actually observed.He stated that in March, 1835, he was engaged in cutting up a horse, which had died of the glanders; and having, two or three days previously, been pricked by a thorn in the palm of the left hand, between the index finger and the thumb, and the wound being not quite healed at the tiffany rings time of the dissection, tiffany sale he supposed that matter from the dead horse must have come in contact with tiffany&co it, for on the following day his hand became swollen and inflamed, and was excessively painful. It continued in this state for five weeks, without much constitutional disturbance, leeches and poultices being alternately applied; after which the pain, swelling and inflammation suddenly receded from the hand, and made their appearance between the elbow and the shoulder. He did not remember that there was any redness extending along the arm from the hand. In nine days the inflammatory appearances vanished from this place, and the calf of the right leg immediately became affected, and continued so till the month of October. The left knee had also tiffany jewellery been affected, and still bore the marks of tiffany co cicatrized sores. He was admitted into the Hospital in July, 1835, but by his own desire, left it at the end of three weeks, without having received any relief.Despairing of a cure by ordinary means, tiffany outlet he endeavoured to make an open sore by pricking the part affected with a needle, in the hope that a healthy action might be thus induced; tiffany but he could never excite a proper discharge " it was always a watery corruption."

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