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    The infectious nature of measles has


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    The infectious nature of measles has  Empty The infectious nature of measles has

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    tiffany&co Dr. Johnstone admits that this case is far from offering conclusive evidence in favour of the view that it was essentially one of glanders. It tiffany sale was in fact an instance of cachexia, or of the tiffany co indeterminate group and series of symptoms which go by that familiar name. It would be easy to select from the mercurial and syphilitic cachexies, which are constantly occurring^ instances very similar, if not quite analogous to the preceding. The cachexise, no matter how induced, evince a marked tendency to affect the cellular membrane, and its modifications the fibrous and the cutaneous. The cachexiae, too, however different in origin, when once induced are almost alike in characters and progress. So strong is this similarity, that we are usually compelled to refer for discriminating marks, to the history of the particular case, tiffany rings and every ohe who is practically conversant with medicine knows how difficult it often is to obtain one on which we can implicitly rely. We mention these tiffany and co outlet circumstances, for the sake of enforcing the necessity of tiffany caution in admitting specific infections on evidence of a dubious nature.On the Poison of Measles. By R, Williams, M.D. Senior Physician to St. Thomais Hospital, tycIn our last number we presented an account of the first half of the volume of Dr. Williams which treats of Morbid Poisons. In that half) the poisonS of typhus and of scarlet fever were considered. In the remaining half, the poisons of measles, of smallpox, of hoopingcough, and of erysipelas are treated o£ We shall notice these more or less cursorily, because very much of what is stated by the author must be, ex necessitate, elementary. The poison of measles is first examined.Measles are both contagious and infectiousthat is, they appear in an individual after exposure to an atmosphere or to fomites contaminated by another individual. Measles also are often epidemic, and then the cause is supposed to be in the air. Of course we know nothing positive on this head. The amount of our information extends only to this, that at certain times measles are extremely prevalent, and that individuals become affected by them independently of any appreciable exposure to air or fomites specifically contaminated tiffany outlet by other individuals. Such is the statement of the feet. It is put more hypothetically by Dr. Williams thus:that, it seems to be a law of poisons, generally, that they vary greatly either in quantity or intensity; and the measles, have been constantly observed to reign epidemically rather . than tiffany jewellery sporadically, breaking out in certain years at the beginning of winter, increasing till the vernal equinox, and dying away towards the summer solstice.

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