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    On the 12th of July the eruption broke out in the child affected with catanh, and on the 94th and 25th the five children, who had not seen the infected child since the 11th of July, or the day before the eruption, fell ill of the disease. These instances are extremely remarkable, for there was not a case of measles at Pyrmont at the time, and from the little patients being strictly secluded, the disease did not spread to any other family in the town. The infection, therefore, must have been communicated during the primary fever, and before the appearance ofthe eruption." Passing over the description of the varieties of measles, and their diagnosis, in which we see little to detain us, we may pause at the prognosis. The mortality from measles, observes Dr. Williams, greatly varies in different years. Percival says, that out of tiffany rings 3807 cases, ninetyone died, tiffany or one in forty. Watson says, tlmt in one year at the London Foundling Hospital, one in ten died, and in another, one in three. In the same establishment, also, in 1794, tiffany jewellery out of twfcntyeight cases none died; in 1793, out of sixty nine cases six died; in 1800, out of sixtysix, four died ; and the aggregate of these data, taken collectively, will give a proportion of deaths to recoveries of about one in fifteen, which nearly approximates to the calculation of Home, who estimated them at one in twelve. We quote the following passage for the benefit of our less experienced readersThe longer the preparatory symptoms, and tiffany&co the more violent they are, by «o much the less mild will the distemper prove. Spasms, or convulsions preceding the eruptions, especially in a child labouring under dentition, magnum periculum portendunt. The eruptive stage of the measles is not attended with much danger either to infants tiffany and co outlet or adults ; but should it assume the colour of the morbilli nigri, or be intermingled with peteohiae, or ecchymoses, or should the eruption suddenly disappear, the prognosis is most unfavourable.Diarrhoea continuing so long that the patient becomes pale and exhausted, is always unfavourable; a moderate diarrhoea is of little moment, and occurring about the tenth day it is salutary.A moderate hemorrhage from the nose or uterus is by no means hurtful. Frank, p. 252.)Adults, as well as children, have in some tiffany outlet cases hectical paroxysms twice in the twentyfour hours, without any cough or tiffany sale diarrhoea, and during the interval ' there is great restlessness, panting, and a quick, irregular pulse. The patients,' when thus affected for two or three successive weeks, generally sink under the complaint. The fatal termination seems, however, to be avoided by the appearance of boils, pustules, or suppurating tubercles of the skin. It is also alleviated by suppuration of the meatus auditorius, or of the lymphatic glands.The danger of the measles is imminent when the tiffany co secondary actions of the poison fall with any degree of severity on the lungs.

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