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    But Dr. Williams is not inclined to temporise


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    But Dr. Williams is not inclined to temporise Empty But Dr. Williams is not inclined to temporise

    Post  bokencn on Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:50 pm

    But Dr. Williams is not inclined to temporise. He treats the complaint, without reservation, as infectious and contagious, and no where does he hint that it may be neither. In speaking of it, he talks of the poison of erysipelas in treating of it, he jams it in between smallpox and hoopingcoughin short, no one who reads his chapter can avoid concluding that the author ranks it with the most undoubted morbid poisons.
    As we believe thiiB calculated to convey an imperfect, if not an erroneous, view ofthe disorder, and as truth on such a'subject must be highly desirable, if not important, we shall examine the arguments of Dr. Williams, and endeavour to determine their real value. We shall first adduce the reasons of our author for considering erysipelas as a morbid poison.
    The remote cause of erysipelas,11 says Dr. Williams, " must exist at all times in the atmosphere, or else the human body must possess the power, when acted on by certain predisposing causes, of spontaneously generating this peculiar poison. The doctrine, however, of the spontaneous generation of any poisoa is ill supported by argument, and not generally received, and consequently the more probable hypothesis of the remote cause of this disease is, that a poison producing erysipelas exists at all times diffused through the atmosphere, varying greatly in quantity or intensity; for, although the disease tiffany jewellery is at all times sporadic, yet in some years it is epidemic. The occasional increased prevalence of this disease has been observed by many persons. ' There are some years,' says Mr. Calmiel, ' when tiffany sale among the insane erysipelas is almost indefinitely multiplied, so tiffany rings that it is necessary to suspend all treatment by counterirritants, which form the basis of the cure of the insane; for tiffany&co the application of a seton, of tiffany and co outlet a moxa, of a blister, or a slight blow, the opening of a vein, or the application of leeches, is certainly followed by tiffany erysipelatous inflammation. This year 1898),' he adds, ' has been remarkable m this respect, and tiffany outlet the infirmaries have been literally encumbered with insane patients labouring under erysipelas.' Mr. Yelpeau, in the year 1831, witnessed in the Hdpital de la ritie, a similar epidemic prevalence of this disease, for in both the medical and surgical wards, the application of leeches, a slight operation, or even a puncture, brought on this inflammation, with all its consequences. Blache and Chomel also speak of having many times seen it epidemic, especially in the autumn of 1818, a year of excessive heat, and long drought. Erysipelas, therefore, is occasionally epidemic ; it is also more frequent in summer than at any other season."

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