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    The infectious nature of erysipelas has


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    The infectious nature of erysipelas has Empty The infectious nature of erysipelas has

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    The infectious nature of erysipelas is a doctrine of modern origin, and although not universally received, yet the facts tiffany in support of it are so many and 00 irrefragable, that no doubt can be reasonably entertained of its truth. Among the many proofs of this law are the following:in the year 1760 tiffany jewellery a person labouring under erysipelas was brought into St. Thomas's Hospital, and shortly after died. From some accident, a patient suffering from a different disease was put into the tiffany&co same bed, but without the usual precaution of airing the mattress, and changing the bedclothes, and this man was also seized with erysipelas of the face, and he died. Several other patients, also, were subsequently attacked with this disease in the same ward, together with the sister, and she died. At length this disease acquired so formidable a character that a report got abroad the plague was in the hospital, which was only silenced by the physicians and sonreons contradicting it by a public advertisement. A knowledge of this fact directed the attention the of late Dr. Wells, of St. Thomas's Hospital, to the infectious nature tiffany co of erysipelas, and he has related in the second volume ofthe Transactions tiffany and co outlet for the 4 Improvement of Medical and Chirurgical Knowledge' several striking cases of the communication of the disease, either by infection or by direct personal contact, that fell under hi3 own observation. These tiffany rings facts have been corroborated by additional instances observed by Dr. Pitcairne, also by Dr. Baillie, who, in the years 1795 and 1796, saw it spread in St. George's Hospital, tiffany sale and by Dr. Cullen, who had seen the like circumstance in the Infirmary at Edinburgh. From that time evidence to a considerable amount has gone on accumulating, so that little doubt remains in the minds of the great majority of the profession in this country, that erysipelas is both an infectious and contagious disease. In St. Thomas's Hospital, where many opportunities have presented themselves for studying the laws of tiffany outlet this disease, there is, I believe, no physician or surgeon not fully persuaded of this fact. For since the year 1829 no less than four or five of the wards of that establishment have been cleared out, whitewashed, and painted, in order to stop the wide and fatal spread of this disease.

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