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    the decoration



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    the decoration

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    the decoration

    An ordinance at the th April enjoins, that the decoration instituted for perpetuating the memory of the, revolution in , shall bear the title of the Crete qfJulg; that it shdll consist of a triple branching star, bearing the. name of the three days with these words: Given by, the King ef ike Frenth ; [that the riband MBT Shoes shall be bine tory burch flats with an embroidery of red; that thoee who wear it shall take an oath of fidelity to (he King, and that nulitary honours shall be paid to this decorationAnother ordnance of the same date, confers the cross of Jaly, upon about sixteen hundred specified persona, amongst whom are observed peers depaties, magistrates, and literary characters. The greater portion are individu. als, who were wounded or engaged during the memorable day 'A deputation of tho? who were wounded and engaged in the conteet of July, have presented an address, to Louis Phi ipe, signed by three hundred individuals, protesting egiot j the tory burch shoes change of colours ia the ribands for the decoration of July yrhieh yvastqbo tred, edged with black, agreeably wHb the emaodaofeaommaasisn, mt th wisheaof ihe patrietft On tbe thMey,the wfanrreitfary of the death of Baonaparto, grotipeof ndt "idbale repaired totle pUteeWtidome; with a view to dteonrte the ebtofc of Napoleon, but two battalions of infaiitry had been stationed there, and the aJemblagea dispersedIt seems that thenntted patriots of July, have tory burch outlet entered their prdtetft agidnst the oath tory burch sale requited from thoee, fco Bear the deeeratkm; and declafte thetaselve MBT Shoes Clearance opposed to the inscription en decoration given by Me King.The Nuremberg CdTreependeni. announces that the Austrian Government, has signified to th Pfenrh Ambassador, that they had given Charles X. permission to reside at Gftt.'On the st MBT of May ws tetebrnted, Id the Church of St, Louis, the festival of Saint Philippe.

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