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    The French fembaftsadorThe French fembaftsador.the Coantde Batfct Aiifeffr,'repaired to the cbatvh on the occasion, attetided by a splendid equipage, and dccapied a tribune with the diplomatic body. Main was celebrated by the Abb Tavean; and the DomimeahmmflK Herein P#Hppum was sung." TleFrttodi Cardinals MBT Shoes Clearance and the preSecrttary ot State tesisted at the ceremony. "Moasiear de SaintAaMte hatf addressed a letter) CardM Betnetti on the Iste disturbances in the feprt Matte; we transfeste for oar readaratHeprefttory obaervataeea from tbe Mri Wfcfch are indicative of[tha¥e of tbtettteial docusMBt " The anemiee of order, possessing netfter faetsnoriirfaisteiltff dderations hwrfag no haaW ATftrtth, where they eanbape teresftHeta&fetion of their otedilaBa dberatltfVe had reeototftira than etfcrto tory burch shoes thewgtfctfy of trickery arid deceit ia NAhitft minister in paHidnisalarj tfcalaMr r asserted il ve can designate as tory burch outlet a reverie, and not at ode of tbe inventions of thairfeUyytbe fceqoeet reports ofirmws ready to scale tha Alps, and of fleets prepared to leave tbe ports of Fraace, to saceear ie advocates of revoltIt is not with a view to uadecerre the sstkors of these fabulous and unsuccessful hapiHitBtSi bat to diabase those who way have beensedeeed into error, that we. ass authorised to lay before the publio, the tory burch flats aAeial desumeat of the French ambassador to the Holy see. Prom tory burch sale its contents MBT the promoters of revolt may lean what they have to expect not only yfrom the French government, bat from every other, MBT Shoes if they mske any farther attempts on tha order and pablie tranquillity of the soolesisstital states.Oa the th of May died the celebrated Henri Qregoire, at Paris. He was a constitutional bishop, a member of the Convention, aad of the Goencil of five hundred.

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