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    The resort to it can be justified



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    The resort to it can be justified

    Post  livelingcher on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:54 am

    The resort to it can be justified

    if it can be justified tory burch shoes at all,) only on the plea of state necessitya plea so easily made that it ought never to be admitted without close examination.It is difficult to believe that a people so devoted to tory burch sale liberty as were the Americans of that day, would have been backward in their contributions for the necessary expenses of war, if they had not been taught by some of their leading men that taxation was quite unnecessary, and that paper money would supply every financial want. " What a shame it is" said a patriotic old lady, " that Congress should let the poor soldiers suffer, when they have power to make just as much money as they choose."The best, if not the only excuse, for the policy which was adopted is, perhaps, to be found in the opinion then prevalent, that money was something which derived its value from the authority of Government. In no other MBT way can we apologize for the acts which imposed severe penalties on those who refused to exchange their merchandise for paper, and which in some instances even outlawed the supposed offender.. When the continental money was first issued, an expression of doubt as to its value, involved suspicion of disaffection to the cause of the country. As the issues increased, the prices of goods necessarily rose; but this was attributed to combinations of the merchants to raise the price of their merchandise, and to sink the value of continental money. They were called Tories, speculators, and many other tory burch flats hard names; and their stores were forcibly broken MBT Shoes open, and their goods sold at limited prices by committees of the neighbors." The fatal error" says Mr. Webster, " that the credit and currency of continental money could be kept up and supported by acts of compulsion, entered so deep into the minds of Congress, and all departments of administrationthrough the States, that do considerations of justice, religion, or tory burch outlet policy, or even experience of its utter inefficiency, could eradicate it: it seemed to .be a kind of obstinate delirium, totally deaf to every argument drawn from justice and right, from its natural tendency and mischief, from common justice, and even from common sense." Congress began, as early as Jan. th, , to holdup and MBT Shoes UK recommend this maxim of maniaism, when continen tal money was but five months old. Congress then resolved that whoever should refuse to receive in payment continental bs, should be declared and treated as an enemy of his country, and be precluded from intercourse with its inhabitants, i. e. should be outlawed: which is the severest penalty (exceptof life and limb,) known to our laws.

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