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    They had possessio


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    They had possessio

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    They had possessio

    first or last, in the course of the war, of eleven of the capitals of the thirteen States, MBT pervaded the country in every part, and left dreadful tracks of their marches behind: burning, in cool blood, a great number not only of houses, barns, ms, &c., but also of most capital towns and tory burch shoes vages." Yet these evils were not as great in the judgment of Mr. Webster, (a«id he was an eye witness and a participator of these sufferings,) as those which MBT Shoes were caused by continental money and the consequent irregularities of the financial system. " We have suffered more from this cause" he tory burch flats says, tory burch flats " than from every other cause of calamity: it has ked more men, pervaded and corrupted the choicest interests of our country more, and done more injustice than even the arms and artifices of our enenrfes."" While we rejoice in the riches and strength of our country, we have reason to lament tory burch outlet with tears of the deepest regret, the most pernicious shifts of property which the irregularities of our finances introduced, and the many thousands of fortunes which were ruined by it; the generous, patriotic spirits suffered the injury: the idle and avaricious derived benefit from said con fusion." Certain compulsory measures of the Executive Council of Pennsylvania, designed to support the credit of conti-nental money and of the State bs, gave the fatal blow to the system, in May - Mr. Webster gives a minute account of the proceedings; but we deem it unnecessary to transcribe them, for, as he justly observes, " they w appear to a stranger as intricate and as hard to understand as the prices of stocks in Change Alley." We doubt not, however, " that they were perfectly understood by people of all ranks at that time, inasmuch as every variation of tory burch sale the exchange altered the value of MBT Shoes UK all their cash on hand."" Thus," he exclaims, after having narrated the proceedings of the Executive Council, and their important effects, " thus fell, ended, and died, the continental currency, aged six years. Bubbles of another sort, such as the Mississipi scheme in France, and the South Sea in England, lasted but a few months, and then burst into nothing: but this held out much longer, and seemed to retain a vigorous constitution to its last: for its circulation was never more brisk than when its exchange was to one; and yet it expired without a groan or struggle; and I believe of all things which ever suffered dissolution since life was first given to the creation, this mighty monster died the least lamented.


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