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    as unjustOn the other hand, the plan was objected to, as unjust, in making the funds of well-managed banks responsible for the losses sustained by the imprudent and ill-managed; and MBT Shoes Sale that it would be more likely tory burch sale to produce their mutual forbearance, than to increase their vigilant jealousy of each other's dealings, by which it would be favorable to overissues, the chief source of danger. That the fund might be sufficient to indemnify the creditors of some two or three banks of small capital, but would be totally inadequate to make good the losses that might arise from the failure tory burch flats of a bank of large capital, or of many smalt ones, in any sudden and general embarrassment of the money market; and even where it might be adequate, it would be quite as fruitful of MBT Shoes litigation as relief.Without stopping to weigh these opposite arguments, for and against the tory burch shoes system, it may be remarked, as affording some evidence against its efficacy, that though several states have adopted that provision of the law of New York, by which bank commissioners are appointed to visit the banks periodically, and report their condition, not one has adopted the plan of a mutual safety-fund. Nor, on MBT Trainers comparing their exhibits, do we see any evidence of greater tory burch outlet caution or forbearance, either in the amount of their loans, compared with that of their capital, ox the amount of their circulation, compared with that of their specie. If the safety-fund banks of New York be compared with the banks of Pennsylvania, on the st of January, , then, while the former had a somewhat larger pro-portion of specie, (the safety-fund banks MBT having something less than one fourth of its circulation, and the banks of Pennsylvania something less,) in the extent of its loans, the advantage of moderation was greatly in favor of the banks of Pennsylvania, So, if we leave out the city banks of New York, and compare the rest of the safety-fund banks with those of Rhode Island, we find that, as to discounts, the latter has been more moderate, and as to circulation, equal; and, lastly, if we compare the ninety safety-fund banks with the eight not subject to the law, we find, that, although the loans of the latter are greater for their capital, the proportion of their specie to their circulation exceeds that of the safety-fund banks in a yet greater ratio, as may be seen by the following table, made up from Mr. Woodbury's report of Jan.

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