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    Birkenstock quiet while the wind blows


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    Birkenstock quiet while the wind blows

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    Birkenstock quiet while the wind blows
    And Joan, after graduating from high school into college, from that day has finally escaped the cold war at home, and then after Birkenstock Sandals they graduate, until the work never went back, did not want to go back.So Joan had always thought their is no feelings of parents, regardless of past life or this life. But the real loss, he discovered that some things are not as simple as imagined. Joan knelt down and stroked the tombstone hand, fingers move slowly along the pattern, tracing of their names. "Dad, Mom," he whispered chants, "I'm sorry." "Do not grieve, Joan," Sansa whispered, her eyes have been wet, but fighting back is not the point of tears, " they would be the goddess of the kingdom of God is watching us to see our happily alive. "" I just think of the word. "Joan silence quite a while, said. "What?" "The tree wants to remain Birkenstock quiet while the wind blows, the son wants his parents are not." "What?" These two phrases in Chinese, that is, the language of past lives, said Joan, the Sansa naturally do not know, sounds only that his brother somehow sent a meaningless noise. Joan did not want more explanation, stood up, ready to go back. Then he heard behind him a word. "Well said." Joan Huo Ran a cold, the body hairs are standing on them.This is, indeed hoarse, low, weakly, like the mouth of dying elderly. But this world, which the elderly can understand Chinese? If only so be it, may only cock who casually say something - the problem is: just "Well said," these three words, actually is Chinese. One elderly in Chinese on the Joan said: "Well said." Joan turned slowly, to see a bald old physique rickets, look recession, hands holding a dog the same old to the bald hair. Dumb old man next door. Joan heard parents say, the old man has actually not a dumb dumb, not only do not dumb, and very talkative. Premature death his wife nor children, a person living alone. But Joan was born in that year, exactly as if that was born the day he and Alexandra Kerry, the old man walking heavy fall, and that the older people, it is easy to fall that would drop any death. Good luck old man, although a high fever that night, in the end kinda came over, but since then has become mute, and then do not say a word, and character become eccentric together, day and night to shut himself in the house, and a few outsiders. Because of this, Joan and the dumb old man regarded as the neighborhood for seven years, may not meet more than 100 times, but rather his house every day to see the dog hair bald. Even if by chance meet, greet Joan tired of the dumb old man do not speak naturally, as if the general did not see each other. This fall can not say that Joan does not respect the elderly, but this old man who reveals a taste of an gloomy indeed for Joan intimidating, aloof. Now is such an old man, standing in the cemetery, in Joan behind the language of his past life, said: "Well said." This is really the devil had taken. Joan looked at him nervously, and at a loss what to do. Mind the idea of flickering, even murdered in the heart played. Alexandra Kerry fell more relaxed, she simply did not understand what the old man said, just thought it was dumb issue of nonsense syllables. "Hello." She bowed bowed. Old man do not speak, a pair of eyes staring at Joan turbidity, direct see his heart hairy. Alexandra Kerry found the atmosphere a little bit wrong, they do not know how matter pulling Joan was about to leave, the old man suddenly came towards them. Joan nervously watched the old man. Man Youyou old man raised his hand, shot in Joan's head gently three times, hands behind back, Goulouzhuoshen body sluggishly Birkenstock Shoes away, it would only Alopecia dog quickly to keep up a subversion of a subversion. Joan 1:00 Some are confused, do not know what this means. Birkenstocks Home partnering with these three, in addition to being a bit dizzy him outside, seems to have no effect, the total will not say old man excel at the legendary Huagumianzhang? It should shoot him. Hunhunee, he did not know when to pull out the cemetery was her sister. The road was the wind would blow, the mind be considered to wake up slowly analysis. First of all, this old guy and his most likely is the same as crossing over, and had all the earth as well as Chinese people, or how to speak Chinese, how to understand, he said that sentence. Second, parents have said that the old man is dead serious illness he was born that year, became mute

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