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    Birkenstock Shoes not prepared to cross


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    Birkenstock Shoes not prepared to cross

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    Birkenstock Shoes not prepared to cross
    Joan quietly waited, waited for him to determine Shan Ka had fallen asleep, then quietly got up, climbed out of bed, opened the door. Bustling streets become deserted during the day, magic lamps lit with dark hair shimmer, as he flashed a sparkle footsteps. Joan quietly get out and root against the wall until you reach the next door to the old man's doorstep. Shen Shoutui door, easy is open, and she did not lock. Joan took a deep breath, ventured into it. Dark room, reveals a gloomy smell of shares, there is kind of a strange taste can not say, like a drug. Joan set pulled himself together, manage to make their eyes adapt to darkness, but also by coming out through the moonlight, finally Birkenstock Sandals vaguely see the outline around. "Coming?" Birkenstocks The old man's voice suddenly behind Yin Cece ring, even though he had been psychologically prepared, can not help the body strong flick. Come, a blessing or a curse, the bet that the. Joan turned, slightly bowed: "the old gentleman." The words they use are Chinese. Since each other know too much, also do not hide. Joan to the world for seven years, usually there will be no opportunity to speak Chinese, but anyhow it is their mother tongue, last generation, but has said more than twenty years, now back that up, there is no Zhi Ai. "Ah." The old man nodded, snapped pointing lighting. Magic City is the very soul of the city developed, many aspects of daily life has been magical infiltration. Even the civilians at home, life, lighting, gas hot water these facilities are magic items, and the price is extremely cheap, no matter how poor the people are accessible to everyone. "Now come," he said with a hoarse voice, "sit right, we are afraid to talk about for a long time." Really talk about for a long time - all night. When Joan from the old man - oh, now he should tell his master - out of the house, outside the sky is already bright.The complexity of the old man's history, than Joan's imagination, or that he guessed the first half, but did not guess the second half. And Joan did the same as the old man is crossing over from China - but somewhat different is that Joan had the nationality of the People's Republic, but the old man is the Ming dynasty China. Simply, the old man is a Ming Dynasty. More precisely, he is a Ming Yinzei. Indeed is Yinzei, but also a famous Yinzei, great reputation, and even a few hundred years later, this modern Joan know. Because he called Tian Boguang. Past live in the era of Joan, who had never heard the name around much. "Tian Boguang?" Joan was almost too stunned, "You're the one who Tian Boguang?" "Which Tian Boguang?" The old man and grimace, "Is there another Tian Boguang the world?" "Oh, no, no, I just want to ask you think Linghu Chong did not know? "" Linghu Chong? "the old man thought for a moment," the great disciple of Huashan School Yue Buqun? Daoshi known for a long time, I still have not seen, heard good drinker. "" What do you think do not know Yi Lin? "" Yilin Who? "" Hengshan send a small nun. "Joan explained. "Pooh!" Old guy spat, "I will know how nuns? Bad luck bad luck." Yes, China is this argument before, and they see a nun is a blemish, mountebank in particular, believe. Joan does not know how this is to say, perhaps for the sake of protection of nuns, so that other people dare not to violate them. But over time, this argument has gained recognition, and Tian Boguang apparently also believe. Of course, Joan also forgot to tell him, Yi Lin is not only a nun, and a beautiful nun. Estimated that if he heard this supplement, also do not care what bad luck not bad luck had. Basically, determine the Tianbo Guang, Tian Boguang who is Smiling inside. Just do not know how out of, the Yinzei, which should be a matter of course hit the beautiful nun Yilin, then meet Linghu Chong, but unfortunately it does not ring to Birkenstock hit the master, became a eunuch was rattle knife - but he is in Before this happens, through the magic to this fantasy world is coming. As a Ming Dynasty, Tian Boguang more on Biqiong En luck, neither overwhelming the network read novels, so are they Birkenstock Shoes not prepared to cross to the muddle after which I do not know what happened, he naturally did not understand What magic, what fantasy, and even once came to suspect that he is not the Mating ghost hell. There was a little less bad, that he is possessed by the direct running horror franchise, not reincarnations of Joan is starting from the baby, there is ample time and opportunity to learn from scratch. But these are also not the worst

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    Ed Hardy Bikini

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    total strength of over one hundred and fifty thousand, the previous fighting, the line of Lia lot of the Northern Army, so not only in the number of vertical currently do not

    have too muchEd Hardy Bikini wear and tear, but there are certain to rise. Reinforce the Northern Army

    Fifth Army, Sixth Army, the predecessor is the fifth Northern masters, the sixth division, but the transmission period of the Northern six towns, can be the Northern Army's

    elite, and if reinforcements are these two forces,Although pieces of the Northern German Army has been around the state at a disadvantage, but the balance of power may be

    instantly changed breakthrough will greatly increase the success rate! How to do?Give up?Back to the Army or like many people stick to work like that proposed, the first

    e a variety of stakes,Ed Hardy Swimwear saw him pick up the brush, use keys that, while not a g ood look, but Seal has been practicing a few years we quickly wrote the four, around point

    reinforcements! Wai point reinforcements?The current command line command telegram received orders to fly after China, even the usual radical known Baikai Jun bold, but also

    a full froze a dozen seconds, before it outraged, shouting thanks to "refreshing, this isHuajun origin al length, this is the group had only a few troops to lead, would dare to

    attack the
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