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    Establish a stable mission in southern China


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    Establish a stable mission in southern China Empty Establish a stable mission in southern China

    Post  marearth234 on Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:51 pm

    Establish a stable mission in southern China

    It is humbling to consider that before entering China in 1583, Ricci had spent less than a year studying Chinese, without any of the Juicy Couture Outlet aids now considered essential to modern language students bilingual dictionaries, pronunciation CDs, workbooks, Juicy Couture Sale and the occasional video but in the intervening dozen years before he first drafted his essay on friendship, Ricci's knowledge of the language had increased to a level that any student Juicy Couture Handbags would envy; and he did it while struggling along with a handful of fellow Jesuits to establish a stable mission in southern China amid mistrust, suspicion, and mild persecution from the local residents. Tliis is not the place to recount those stories, but it should be noted that only five years after arriving in Zhaoqing, Ruggieri returned, in 1588, to Italy and never went back to China an enormous loss to the mission and the following year, Ricci and his confreres were evicted from their newly built house, which was seized by a new viceroy, who offered them a token payment in compensation (which Ricci refused). The sensible Chinese laws directed at controlling corruption and favoritism by transferring local officials to new posts every few years unfortunately proved to be a challenge to the Jesuits, who found that their permission to keep residence was as impermanent as the appointment of the official who granted it, especially in a climate of general distrust toward foreigners.
    After a difficult period of uncertainty, Ricci finally secured, the following year, an invitation to resettle in Shaozhou SB'JH, a city slightly Juicy Couture Diaper Handbags to the north of Zhaoqing, thus beginning another brief residence marked by cultural and missionary successes as well as trials in the form of harassmcnt from neighbors. Then, in 1595, Ricci ambitiously made his first attempt to reach the imperial court in Beijing, traveling northward through Nanchang to the former southern imperial capital, Nanjing But as fate and the Chinese bureaucracy would have it, Ricci was refused permission to travel any farther northward and even to remain in Nanjing, which forced Juicy Couture him to retrace his steps to Nanchang, where as he recounts in his proem to the essay he decided to stay.

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    Establish a stable mission in southern China Empty Onitsuka Tiger

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