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    The description in Ricci's proem


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    The description in Ricci's proem Empty The description in Ricci's proem

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    The description in Ricci's proem

    A Juicy Couture distant cousin of the emperor, to whom Ricci presented his essay on friendship as a gift. From the description in Ricci's proem, it seems that, after the prince had banqueted Ricci one evening at his estate, the conversation turned to the topic of friendship as it was likely to do among male intellectuals in this period and the princc seems to have expressed a desire to know more about what Europeans thought about the topic. According to Ricci's proem, he then went studies of classical literature Juicy Couture Outlet about friendship, and wrote the essay for the prince. We now know that Ricci seems to have jogged his memory about those youthful studies Juicy Couture Handbags with the help of a sixteenth-century Latin "commonplace book", Sententiae et exempla (Wise Sayings and Illustrative Anecdotes), compiled by the Portuguese scholar Andrea de Resende (1498-1573) or Andreas Eborensis, as he is known in Latin the fifth edition of which was published in 1590, just in time to be sent to China for Ricci to use. It would be too cynical to doubt the veracity of Ricci's anecdote altogether, since Ricci's journals confirm that he visited the prince on multiple occasions, presented him with a number Juicy Couture Sale of gifts, and received from him many favors. It seems clear that, by almost any definition, they were friends. And yet there is more to the story.
    One year after the composition of the essay, in a letter to the Jesuit superior Claudio Aquaviva in Rome (Nanchang, October 13,1596), Ricci writes: "Last year, as an exercise, I wrote in Chinese several sayings On Friendship, selected from the best of our books; and since they were from so varied and eminent personages, the literati of this land were left Juicy Couture Diaper Handbags astonished, and, in order to give it more authority, I wrote an introduction and gave it as a present to a certain relative of the king's, who also has the title of king."10 The essay thus evidently began as a mere translation exercise, which was much admired by the Chinese scholars to whom he showed it.

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