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    I express sincere thanks to the many people who have contributed to its production, though it is impossible to name everyone. There are several exceptions. My son Vishal deserves a special 'thank you' from me for growing up with this manuscript in its various forms.
    I give particular thanks to the following people: Colin Mackerras, doctoral supervisor, colleague and friend; Maureen Todhunter, who edited this book; Jennilyn Mann, who painstakingly Juicy Couture Diaper Handbags put the manuscript into Juicy Couture desktop publishing format; Sue Jarvis, for preparing the index; Liz Wilson, Macs at Work, for cover design; Sang Ye, for organizing copyright permission for the illustrations; and Patricia Loo and Juicy Couture Outlet Doug Merwin at M.E.
    I also acknowledge my teachers at Beijing University in the midseventies, who gave me a thorough grounding in Lu Xun's writings and in Mao Zedong's Thoughts, the beginning and the end of this work.
    Shifts, it is read backward, constantly being revised and reinterpreted as these crises and shifts occur. Survival is Juicy Couture Sale one test of a book. Later interpretations have, however, almost always been tested by background research in the newspapers and magazines of the period when the work was originally suggests that there are basic cultural assumptions, common to all factions, which underpin the judgements and debates on children's literature. The most crucial assumption is that the importance of children's literature lies in its educative function, and that this Juicy Couture Handbags is located in the social domain. Most critics, whether they are Confucian, liberal or Marxist, regard social and historical context as fundamental. The often vehement debates on children's literature take place within this framework; they question the educational theories and practices and the concepts of childhood which inform children's literature, but never question the primacy of its educational role.

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