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    youthink that Onitsuka Tigerthey can save lives real red what do they think they can save Hou strength? If

    we take Texas, do not continue into the soldiers, but to deepen the consolidation of existing regional, how do you think they would how should we respond? " China to fly

    more than someasics onitsuka tiger of the problems, and also a very wide scope, Hua Fei did not bring back

    any of the headquarters staff, Meng Tao, which gives workers the opportunit y to think more to say, illustrates these problems, if careful study,that just might have lots to

    talk about dayonitsuka and night, but the Wu Tao answer is very simple, "they can not save lives real book,

    now come with only two due to a calc ulation, one Japanese, two, Manchurian, Japan accounted for a decisivefactor is the influence of factors Manchurian, as they can save lives

    in the end strength, depends on t he commander's taken with, and if we only deepen the existing area in order to consolidate and strengthen the development of strength, we do

    not need toonitsuka tiger ultimate 81 initiate this war,we do not need

    to separate the central station to the cusp on! "
    See Hua Fei neither nodded appr oval, and no other response, Wu Tao, a slight pause, said, "If I was the Northern Army Central, they can give Texas," but the curtain Beijing

    alone can notonitsuka tiger mexico 66 give up!Beijing in the name because

    once abandoned, is equivalent to the demise of the Northern Central, and as lon g as Beijing is still, force still, cut to all
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