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    you come to it is not long to be Well it? "Yang Yang Qiu Fei asked, why go here instead of Mount Wutai, or what. Yang Yang said that there is no why, that is fate. The day he decided to go out Duo Duo, to the West Railway Station, where the decision whether to drive, as long as there are votes on the last result, Chengdu, sit on the car. The next day came out from the Chengdu Railway Station is already evening, and Yang Yang was a woman Coach Outlet Stores stopped to ask to not Emeishan play, day Baochibaozhu. Tickets for self-care, 180 yuan, air-conditioning coach, and this grid. Yang Yang feel so big, light heard Emei, and have not been any case Vibram Coach Bags On Sale Five Fingers Sprint in Chengdu also have to find somewhere to live. So they lived in Mount Emei, Emei martial arts might even learn something, do not have to be recovered later, and then on Five Finger Shoes the bus that night in the Emeishan feet stay here, the next morning, Yang Yang, with tours on the mountain. Because a brain bothering children, unintentional sightseeing, fly and look down, dull. Line to Bailongdong, quiet temples, tourists scarce, birds flowers, Yang Yang subconsciously took a deep breath, just then the mountains came the bell. Yang Yang feel that the body suddenly float up a cigarette with Mengchou like, but the first does not faint, but also a bit like drinking high, but feet do not mix garlic. At this moment, forget the troubles of the world and the existence of unusual happiness. Yang Yang immediately decided not to go, in this more a little later, Coach Outlet Online they did not follow the Coach Factory tour group down the mountain. Yang Yang in the temple turning good laps, back to knock the Buddha head, with the merit of money, is planning to go see a monk in the sun quilt, Yang Yang, a casually ask, you do this to live, the monks say, you can . Yang Yang Qiu Fei asked: "In the temple faceless Hunxing used to eat it?" Yang Yang said: "Start not used, greedy, asked master can pay 100 dollars more meals a day, add a vegetable, chef smiled smile, said nothing, no mention of this thing and I later had to come to this greedy and spend some money to improve the meal, over time, they are ripe. "Qiu Fei asked:" Do you every day In addition to thinking here, but also doing? "Yang Yang said:" The exercise, beginning with running, and ran down the hill again, but then I dry Coach Factory Outlet run is nothing to carry on for them Plunger and practice the effort, earned the money to to them. "Qiu Fei Vibram Five Fingers Kso said:" They think you are Coach Outlet to the Lei Feng Coach Outlet Canada Beijing it. "Yang Yang said:" At first they did not let me lift, afraid I up to no good, I Haoshuodaiyue Only then lift, then they rushed me lift, they are a good opportunity to play cards, but I only carry a day, exercise training must, after all, not to my husband when the pole. morning I read a book in the temple of the house, the afternoon I went out to the mountains walk, feed Hey monkey, listen to the sound of water, sit in the river, help to think. "Qiu fly drank a beer, asked:" What came out thinking? "Yang Yang took a gulp of tea: said:" In Coach Bags Canada fact, we very silly X of! "" We have been reconciled to myself as a silly X, and Vibram Five Finger Shoes this effort alive, not Coach Outlet Store Online silly to think that the direction we live, but I really do not silly? We have been cynical, thinking ideals, aspirations, from time to time sad about, there lies about that love of arts to enrich the spirit, shit, This where where My son, who grow lot, actually. "You and I live are tired, why? Because we too would like different, and do not want the prevalent custom, thinking that clever, in fact, this is Coach Outlet Online where our lack of wisdom, from the phenomenon of secular freed, this is wisdom. "We love freedom, to arbitrary, but really do want to be able to do the time, but will find life meaningless, so, Coach Bags Outlet I feel very good living in the restraints." Yong Coach Outlet Online remember the "garbage dump" there are sentence of the lyrics you, 'We live in a world that Coach Outlet Store is a garbage dump, people like the same bug, in which you compete with each other,' I heard this song 15 years old when the only angry, now I did not angry, I think to make this world a clean, too clean and let his heart. "Anger is a very low level of emotion, love is the emotional high, a person to live life angry Coach Outlet Canada easily, Coach Purses Canada like those Aunt Beijing Hutong, 5 60 the daily also Coach Coach Bags Outlet Outlet criticized Coach Bags On Sale the curse that. The hard part is there is love live my life. "to see other people dislike their own lack of moral cultivation,

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