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    Chiu Fei Coach Outlet Online asked

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    we should calmly face the world, rather than anger, anger can not learn anything, but calmly, allow us to open arms, inviting all. "For life, we should not complain, should have teeth with fear, most of life than we had imagined." The most important thing in life is not owned, Coach Outlet Canada but to lay down, learn to put his life on the well-being, and why we will pain, anger, because the fit. Vibram Five Fingers Sprint Coach Outlet Store "Happy, not because they have multiple, but less fuss." We think they see this world, in fact, we know of the world just to take the naked eye can see, Vibram Five Finger Shoes truly understand the world, is eye to see, many of our not to open people's eye. "Let Ding Le stay away, I have feelings seeding the future will not fall in love or get Coach Outlet Online married, I did not lonely, because there are many things in mind has to Vibram Five Fingers Kso accompany me." Zen in two words: impermanence and non-I. It taught me a lot of things in two words, Coach Bags On Sale nothing is forever, and nothing belongs to us, so when happy, youthful, affection, money, these things away from me, I think it is very normal thing . "The world has told me it does not matter, and it is it, I am me, I'd like to place in the world of relations, took place, or not, I have one very good, the world does not need me, I do not need it." The only miss, and that is my parents, they raised me so much was not easy. Go back, I try to Coach Bags Outlet Coach Outlet Store Online still the money, then we honor They. "Lost tape this thing I would like to see, this is not a way to hide, to ourselves to give me back. Anything, good or bad, have to face it, accept it, deal with it, let it go." youth in recent years, we have been living in a hormone, not to myself, and now hormones running out, to give yourself alive. "Yang Yang holding a Coach Outlet Canada cup of tea, eyes clear, quiet demeanor, unhurried said. Winalite star rare, urgent any more. Qiu Fei looked distant night sky, said:" Tonight's moon roundness. "Yang Yang said:" The moon was originally round, not round, but also because our view is blocked, like life, has always been good, can we have now found it lackluster, actually a little bit of life is not messed up, we can not cross block in front of the messed up things, see Coach Bags On Sale the nature Coach Bags Canada of life. "Unconsciously, toward daylight, and the two looked at the direction of the rising sun. Chiu Fei said: "Ten years ago, we two on the freshman, also drink one night, then go to the dorm roof to see the sunrise, that is the first time we two drank, you drank the tea, in addition to restaurants Free tea, this is the first time I Coach Purses Canada see you drink tea. Coach Outlet Online "Yang Yang said:" The drink can be ecstatic, but the next day uncomfortable, will our grief and I am now pursuing flat, to avoid Taixitaibei. "Qiu Fei said:" I like to drink, drink make me think. "Yang Yang said:" Alcohol can Coach Factory Outlet make Five Finger Shoes people think tea can make people think Coach Factory Coach Outlets of drunk are painful, thinking after the tea is to teach people out of pain. " Chiu Fei said: "You have changed ten years ago, I never thought Coach Outlet we two will be sitting here today to talk about it." Yang Yang said: "I have not changed, I still I change my mind." Qiu said Fei : "I know Zhou Zhou, also for ten years, did not realize that this outcome." Yang Yang said: "face it, accept it, deal with Coach Outlet Online it, let it go." watching the sunrise, the two returned to Bailongdong, Temple door is opened, a monk in the sweeping, Coach Outlet incense burner braved cigarettes, the temple bell came back, Coach Outlet Stores Yang Yang Chiu flying with to his room. Only a dozen square meters of the house, put the three beds, cramped, bedding neat, white sheets. Yang Yang said: "Now I lived alone, and sometimes have to play in the Emei Mountain overnight." Hanging on the wall of the four words, sub-posted at different places, the level into a straight line: and, static, clear, Death . Window, a desk, small, placed above several of Zen books. Yang Yang said: "I recently read." Qiu Fei stayed two days in the temple, and Yang Yang tea and chat, feel physically and mentally relaxed a lot, would like to spend a few days, but her second child call reminder script, and add their own Zhou Zhou, a thing not to forget, then back to Beijing, intended to busy working for this, with the cost of living, to live this long. Yang Yang said Coach Bags Outlet he still did not read a few books, read on to Beijing to resolve the address thing. Back in Beijing, the Church has to find a trip to weeks of flying boat, who saw no avail. Last two weeks, Qiu lost a lot of flying.

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