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    I thought nothing



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    I thought nothing

    Post  rose456 on Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:24 pm

    I thought nothing

    I thought nothing of it.most kids at school didn't know I had a brother with special needs. They didn't know why 1 got off that bus, so those who saw just assumed something was wrong with me.
    It made me realize what the kids go through who really do have special needs. I remember how cruel certain kids were to them at was usually the "Cool" Kids who taunted them.I remember a particular boy who went to my elementary school. His name was michael C. He was tall, had blonde hair with a cowlick in the back, and wore a blue winter jacket.our family knew michael Juicy Couture Outlet Online C. And his parents through the special needs programs that were held at the achievement center in the old YMCA building.michael drooled and had a significant speech impedi-ment. He sounded as though he might be deaf, but he wasn't, and I could tell he was intelligent enough to know that he was being picked on.he cool kids called him "Dribble mouth" And mimicked his speech. He was usually alone on the playground, and he was tormented on a daily basis. I don't recall the teachers do-ing much about it.his made me wonder what arthur might go through at his school. It made me sad to think about someone picking on him. I Juicy Couture Sale even thought about some of his friends, like merilee A. And eric S. I hated thinking about how they might Juicy Couture Outlet be treated. I pictured sad and confused looks on their faces.

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