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    remember watching



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    remember watching

    Post  rose456 on Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:24 pm

    remember watching

    Remember watching in horror as nora W. Presented the flag to our kindergarten class. She passed it around for everyone to see. The kids were amazed that it Juicy Couture Sale was from WWII. I secretly wanted to grab it and run home as fast Juicy Couture Outlet Online as I could.four of us had show-and-tell that day. Looking back now it must have been alphabetically arranged, because shane W. And jamie Y. Had show-and-tell, too. Shane W. Brought in a tarnished pocket watch and jamie Y. Presented bird bones.when it was my turn and the Juicy Couture Outlet teacher called my name, I began to sob uncontrollably. I pictured the look on my dad's face when he comes home from work to find that I no longer had his special brother arthur, who has downs syndrome, went to a different school way on the other side of town, and rode one of the little yellow buses each day. I walked, because my school was only one mile from sub-zero morning, during the winter of second grade, my mom asked arthur's bus driver if he could take me to school because it was too cold for me to parents had only one vehicle at that time, and my dad had to be at work well before school started. The bus driver didn't mind, and I was happy to ride the warm bus with my brother's friends.

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