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    just walking pas



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    just walking pas

    Post  rose456 on Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:25 pm

    just walking pas

    Just walking past their house to get to the park in the summertime with my friend, emily, made our hearts race. The pounding in my brain would get louder and louder as we'd get closer, and we didn't breathe until Juicy Couture Outlet the dark yellow house was no longer in this day emily remembers that feeling, sunny morning, as the snow began to melt, just before springtime, nora W. And I walked to school together. This Juicy Couture Sale was rare, as she was usually dropped off.when I walked out the door to leave that morning, she happened to be approaching the sidewalk in front of our house. Ignoring her wasn't an option, but I had show-and-tell this day and was very excited, so seeing her didn't bother me too much.the night before, my dad gave me his great-uncle's american flag to take for show-and-tell. It was about a foot long and fit into my tote-bag just fine, but 1 carried it in my hands to keep it extra safe.I knew it was special to Juicy Couture Outlet Online my dad. His great-uncle gave it to him when he was little, and told him it was from WWII. My dad said to be very careful with it.on the way to school that morning, she asked if she could see the flag. When I showed it to her, she quickly grabbed it out of my hands and said she'd give it back once we got to school.I remember being nervous as I watched her skip down the sidewalk, carelessly waving it around. You could hear the drippy sound of spring as the melting snow trickled into the city sewers..once we arrived to school, instead of giving it back, she told the teacher it was HER flag. The teacher believed her and I became very upset. I tried explaining through tears that it was from my dad's great-uncle, and with irritation my teacher said, "Co sit down now "

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