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    am the oldest

    Post  rose456 on Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:25 pm

    am the oldest

    I am the oldest of three children. I have a brother with downs syndrome. His name is arthur. He is two years younger than me. I also have a brother who is five years younger than me; his name is davidbeing brought up with a special needs brother taught me a lot about maturity at a very young age. Being the old-est; I was also the most responsible, and I looked after my two younger brothers a lot.I do not come from a family of mom worked nights for many years and went to school during the day. My dad worked in a wood factory my whole life while I was growing up, and we lived in a city of ap-proximately 30,000 people.1 lived Juicy Couture Outlet in the same great big old house for eighteen years. My great-great grandfather died there many years before I was born, and I think he may have even built it.I never felt like we were poor and I wasn't taught to look down on those who had less. I was never swayed by status or prestige. In fact, I didn't know what any Juicy Couture Sale of that meant until I was Juicy Couture Outlet Online much older.the first experience I am writing about happened in kindergarten. There was a girl named nora W. Who walked home from school with me every day.during the winter, on the way home, nora often pushed me into the snow. She came from a family of mean siblings, and you didn't dare speak if they were mean to you. You just did your best to get through it.changing the route home was not an option. She was like a female scott farkus in the movie, "A christmas story." She never had a pleasant look on her face. No one in her fam-ily did.

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