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    The limbs

    The limbs and feet are also widely different from those of the hybrid, which are light, the MBT Shoes hoofs being particularly small in proportion to the size of the animal. Here we have the hoofs enormously largeamounting almost to a deformity, and such as no mule ever could have. The horses, altogether, are extremely coarse, lymphaticlooking animalsungainly and clumsy to a marked degree. The hoofs undoubtedly exhibit traces of shoeing in this copy, which Mr Smith, who drew it, MBT Trainers asserts is absolutely correct. It must be confessed that the number of nails on each side exceeds those in any of the specimens of shoes we have seen of that age: there are six oti each side of the forefoot, and five in the hind, making twelve and ten nails for each hoof. But the artist, in his anxiety to demonstrate that these heavy, unwieldy creatures were so completed in their equipment, has perhaps not scrupled Collectanea Antiqua, to add a few nails more than were really present. The monument possesses many points of interest besides that pertaining to our subject, particularly in the curious hornlike appendages to the collars, which are worn on mules in the south of France at the present day.Having called M. Megnins attention to this monument, he obtained two delineations of the subject from Avignon, and in a paper referring to these, which was read in Paris in October last, he says that the most superficial forefoot in the group is undoubtedly shod, three clenches being very visible, and that these stand at unequal heights on the wall of the hoof.This number exactly agrees with that observed in the shoes found in the ground, and surmised to belong to these early days. Of course, in copying details, unless the artist is also well acquainted with the subject of shoeing, he is apt to show a clench or two more or less.M. Megnin, than whom there could not be a better authority, entertains no doubts whatever as to this chariot team being shod. Like myself, he has for MBT Shoes Sale some years examined all the equestrian statues and basreliefs within reach, but without discovering anything to MBT prove that the Romans or Greeks shod their quadrupeds. The only approach to this he could perceive, was in a galvanoplastic copy of Trajans column, in the Louvre, in which, at the top of the ensign of a Roman cohort, was an object resembling a horseshoe with seven nailholes.

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