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    A Special General

    A Special General Meeting was holden after the business of the Annual Meeting was concluded, agreeably to the ByLaws Sect. iv., to consider the following Resolution, which was proposed on the part of the Council, the President in the chair :" That Sir Francis Charles Knowles, Bart., Joshua R. Marshman, Esq., and Charles Perkins, MBT Esq., being resident in England, and having treated with neglect the MBT Shoes Sale repeated applications made by the Council, agreeably to the th Section of the ByLaws, for payment of the arrears due by them, and having MBT Trainers suffered their names to be suspended in the Meeting Room as defaulters since the th May, , be expelled from the Society."It having been ascertained, at the commencement, that considerably more than twentyfour Fellows were present, a ballot was taken upon each name mentioned in the resolution; at the close of which the President announced, that the three Fellows in question were severally expelled from the Society.The Report of the Council to which we have just listened with the painful exception of the losses the Society has sustained in the persons of those respected and lamented members who have been so ably commemorated MBT Shoes in that Report is one calculated to afford most lively satisfaction; and it is so full and complete on every point as to have left me nothing to say, except on that one subject on which, by ancient usage, it has been considered right for the Chairman of this meeting to add a few words of explanationI mean the award of the Medal for the year.The award of our medal for this year, gentlemen, to Signor Plana, is an act, as it may at first sight appear, of somewhat tardy justice. Those greatworks on the lunar theory for which that award is made, and on the perturbations of the planets, especially of Jupiter and Saturn, have now been so long before the public, that it may almost appear as if, in the dearth of matter of sufficient interest of later date, your Council had been ransacking the annals of modern astronomy to find something on which they might rely in a kind of inglorious safety for a justification of their award.This would be a very erroneous view, indeed, to take of this subject.

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