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    The mere mention

    The mere mention of this refined and abstruse mode of conceiving the problem must suffice to shew, that, to carry it into effect, mut require at every step a contention MBT Trainers of mind, a degree of intellectual effort, far surpassing what is required for the mere management of algebraic symbols and developements, however intricate.Whatever be the skill and MBT dexterity, however, exhibited by the author of this truly original conception, and whatever promise it must be considered as holding out for the future advancement of our knowledge in this intricate research, it can hardly yet be regarded as having attained that extent of developement which it will require to supersede in the construction of tables, and the actual calculation of the lunar and planetary perturbations, the methods already in use, which the researches of Clairaut, Laplace, Lagrange, Poisson, Damoiseau, and Plana, have wrought up to such a pitch of practical perfection. Hansen's theory appears to afford what, in the actual state of our knowledge, must be regarded as most preciousa new handle by which to seize this refractory problemone of universal applicability MBT Shoes and gigantic power and purchase, but of which the management is not yet fully reduced to practice, and of which even the author himself can scarcely yet be said to have acquired the entire mastery. In the theory of Jupiter and Saturn, indeed, the final numerical results are obtained, and tables calculated; but in the lunar theory, which in the words of Mr. Airy " must be considered as the ground of his chief analytical triumph, there exist at present only what may be termed the foundations for such a theory" No man living " I continue to use the words of the eminent geometer last mentioned " No man living, probably, except M. Hansen himself, could work it into a complete lunar theory; and the exhibition of numerical results is here, therefore, still distant." Let us hope that he will not long leave them so.

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