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    This last hypothesis


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    This last hypothesis

    Post  chwengjwendy on Sat May 21, 2011 9:58 am

    This last hypothesisThis last hypothesis is rendered exceedingly improbable by the exceeding smallness of the moon in comparison to the earth,it is an exceedingly improbable supposition that the earth should revolve continually round a body only ifj of its own bulk,and this improbability becomes an actual impossibility when we take into account the fact which has elsewhere been proved, of the annual revolution of the earth about the] sun. It is impossible that the earth should revolve every lunar month about the moon, and revolve at the same time annually with it about the sun, and yet the sun present those appearances which we know it to MBT Shoes UK present; its motion in the ecliptic would at once lose all its regularity: instead of advancing continually among the signs, it would at one time move forward with a velocity ofdaily through the sky, and at another retrogradedaily: in MBT Sale short, it is useless to enter further into the discussion,the hypothesis is manifestly impossible; and admitting the earth to revolve round the sun in the interval of each solar year, we are compelled to admit that the moon accompanies it in this, its annual revolution, at the same time continually revolving round it in the period of each lunar month.The most remarkable phenomenon in the appearance of the moon, is that «ene of changes which takes place during each of its svnodical revolutions in the form of its disc, and which we have described as tha variation of its phases. We are now in a condition to explain these completely.So great is the distance of the sun in comparison with the. radius of the moon's orbittimes MBT Shoes greater, that the rays of that luminary which fall upon different parts of the orbit may MBT be considered to be all parallel to one another. That portion of the sphere of the moon which is turned towards the rays of the sun is, in all its positions, enlightened, whilst the opposite portion or hemisphere is in darkness. Now if this hemisphere of the moon which is always enlightened, were also always turned towards the earth, the moon would always be visible; she would always appear full.

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