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    Mr. Wrighte and Mr. Middleton


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    Mr. Wrighte and Mr. Middleton Empty Mr. Wrighte and Mr. Middleton

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    Mr. Wrighte and Mr. Middleton

    The Tory Burch Sale following is an exact copy :" Whereas it hath been alleged upon oath before the Reverend the ViceChancellor. against me John Welling, that on the 24th of June. 1767. m conversation with Mr. Wrighte and Mr. Middleton. of St. Edmund Hall, in this University, I made use of certain expressions tending to disparage the truth of revelation ; and in particular the miracles of MosesI do hereby declare my unfeigned assent to. and belief of, divine revelation m general, and the miracles wrought by Moses in particular: and I do aver that I was intoxicated in liquor (for which very criminal excess I am sincerely sorry) when I uttered those expressions ; and whereas by the use of those expressions I have given but too just occasion of scandal and offence to the ViceChancellor and the members of this UniversityI do hereby ask pardon of them for the same: and I do further most solemnly protest, that however unguarded I may have been in the use of them, or any expressions whatsoever concerning religion, they were not declarative of my real principles, inasmuch as those principles are. and ever have been, and I trust will ever continue to be, diametrically opposite to scepticism and infidelity, which from my heart I detest and abhor.replied to Dr. Nowells Strictures on his former publication :" You say Mr. Welling expressed concern for his crime, and did not Mr. Middleton express concern for his V Did not all the young men express concern that they had displeased their seniors, and did they not all abstain from the meetings as soon as they were informed that their going to them was contrary to the will of their governors in the University ? Yea, had they not all proved the sincerity of Tory Burch Flats their acknowledgments, by abstaining from these meetings, for a long time before they were summoned to attend Mr. ViceChancellor and his Assessors ? Did they not declare, as well upon their trial as before, that it was their determination not to attend them again Y And did not Doctor Dixon, their principal, urge this on their behalf before the Tory Burch Outlet court If Surely, then, if the Reverend Mr. Welhng's black and horrible offences were so easily passed over upon his own acknowledgment of his fault, the wellmeant mistakes of these youths, against whom no one act Tory Burch Reva Flats of immorality is alleged, might also have been overlooked :

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