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    The constitutional disorders


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    The constitutional disorders Empty The constitutional disorders

    Post  burrebr on Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:49 pm

    The constitutional disorders

    The constitutional disorders occurring on the interruption of menstruation, and in a variety of forms, go far, in our opinion, to establiidi tho justness of tho principles advocated in regard to its use in the animal economy. Were the secretion merely to keep tho uterus in a sound state and to fit it for impregnation; or wcro it Tory Burch Outlet a matter of secondary importance, it is not easy to conceive in what way tbo de¬rangement of its fanctions should occasion such diversified and serinus evils. On the view which is generally enter¬tained, the vital actions of the organ, in its unimpregnated >tate, hare simply a reference to its own well-being. Ac¬cording to prevailing notions tho periodical discharge is to relieve its temporary congestion. On the occurrence of conception, tho flux is arrested, but this is not followed by constitutional disturbance like the interruption of it under other circumstances. In the healthy and robust female, the vital powers are mostly invigorated during tho succes- sivo stages of fetal development. The cessation of the periodical secretion for a lengthened season, is, in tins case, in no degree prejudicial to tho system, the cause of which is easy of explanation. If the interruption of the uterine discharge, independently of conception and lactation, be studied, according to tho prin¬ciples wo havo laboured to unfold, it will not bo difficult to account for tho morbid effects which present themselves. Tho animal system has no longer an issue for the escape of a portion of its waste or superfluous matters;—an issue in peculiar relation to its necessities, aud indispensable Tory Burch Flats to the sound organization of tho human female. Tho stoppage of this secretion is, therefore, followed by tho accumulation of carbon and other elements in the body, varying in degree, in different individuals, according to the character of the constitution.

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