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    A good dessert buffet


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    A good dessert buffet Empty A good dessert buffet

    Post  millon on Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:58 am

    Olive Route, a letterpress studio in Berkeley, California, crafted all of the paper products for the wedding. From letterpress invitations to hand drawn maps of the grounds, each paper accessory complimented the style of the day to perfection. We heart Olive Route big time at SMP so we weren’t surprised in the slightest to see Olivia’s designs take center coffee cup

    A good dessert buffet will get me every time…but one as cute as this one? Well. It has warmed my heart to no end. The couple served homemade inspired treats like lemon blueberry tarts, passion fruit tarts and mini berry pies. Caridwyn and Sons are the genius behind this perfect touch. They served locally grown, Napa inspired food including marin suns top sirloin grilled over oak with mashed chillie, marjorum, garlic & De Vero extra virgin olive oil with roasted fingerling potatoes. Ummm, yum?cannon mugs

    During the reception, the groom surprised his bride with a seranade of his own version of “Love Me Tender,” accompanied by his sisters. Standing ovation, obviously.dicount wedding dresses

    We actually first debuted this perfect affair on on our Real Wedding Feature over on The Bride’s Guide and we have been beyond excited to unveil the full, gorgeous spread right here on SMP. The wedding was sent to us by one of our Little Black Book members, Olive Route, an awesome little letterpress studio out in Cali. Her paper products basically had us squealing with glee and when we saw how they fit into the entire wedding style…well, we were just a little bit excited (to say the least).dicount evening dresses

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