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    The plant which Moncler [url=Moncler]Moncler[/url]in its natural form more faithfully represents an animal is the Scythian or Tartarian Lamb, or Barometz, in the language of the country; and, as it grows, it might, at a short distance, be taken for an animal rather than a vegetable production. It is one of the genus Polypodium: root decumbent, thick clothed with a very soft close wool, of a deep yellow colour, stipes from one foot and a half in length, appearing above the ground. It is well known to be a root which, from the variety of its shape, Moncler jackets is easily made to take the form of a lamb, which the Tartars call Barometz. In China it is known by the name of Rufous Dog. Towards one end of the root, it fre-
    • There is an admirable specimen of this species of imposture, still to be seen, the property of a gentleman, who was applied to for permission to have it copied, but he refused his consent. quently becomes narrower, and then thicker, so as to give the resemblance of head and neck, and has sometimes two pendulous hanging excrescences, resembling ears; at the other end is a short root, resembling a tail.
    Mr. Bell, in his u Journey to Ispahan," Moncler vest thus describes a specimen he saw: " It seemed to be made by art to imitate a lamb. It is said to eat up and devour all the grass and weeds within its reach. Though it may be thought that an opinion so very absurd could never find credit with people of the meanest understanding, yet I have conversed with some who were much inclined to believe it; so very prevalent is the prodigious and absurd with some part of mankind. Among the more sensible and experienced Tartars, Moncler coat I found they laughed at it as a ridiculous fable."

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