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    In the same degree Empty In the same degree

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    In the same degree

    In the same degree that the profits of one bank are increased by an extensive circulation, those of its neighbors are diminished; and as, when the issues of any one MBT are excessive, most of the excess finds its way into other banks, they may, by frequent settlements with one another, effectually curb MBT Trainers the disposition of any part to appropriate to itself more than its proportion of the circulation.When these benefits of competition and of mutual restraint are secured, it will greatly tend to prevent the farther multiplication of banks, as well as the odium of excessive profits, to make the state a sharer in their gains, to some extent. This may be effected in various ways. The state may own a part of the stock; for which, instead of advancing the money, it may agree to pay a moderate interest; and, in such case, its profit will be the excess of the dividends beyond the MBT Shoes Sale interest. This was the case tory burch shoes with the banks of the United States, and also with the principal banks of Virginia. Or, the bank may be required to pay a certain sum for its charter,• generally in instalments. This was also done by the bank of the United States to the general government; and its successor has since done the same to the state of Pennsylvania. Or, it may be subjected to a tax on its capital, as arethe banks of Massachusetts. Or it may be required to pay a proportion of its profits. As- all these modes lessen the net profits of banks, they tend tory burch flats to discourage the MBT Shoes application for charters, and so far to lessen the cost of this instrument of commerce, without at all impairing its safety.A further benefit may be derived from making the state a sharer in their dividends, in this way. If the state should be entitled to share in the profits only after they exceeded per cent.; and if, moreover, the share of the state should be in a greater ratio, as the excess increased, it would lessen, and might entirely remove, their strongest induce-; ment to excessive issues. In this way, the advan-tages of economy, safety, competition, and moderate profits, may be united.Among the regulations of banks, that may be considered conducive to their utility, and also to their eventual safety, is, the payment of interest on deposits. The interest they pay will, of course, be at a lower rate than they receive. In the Scotch banks, the difference is commonly from tory burch outlet one tory burch sale to two per cent.

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