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    .what does happen

    Post  rose456 on Thu Apr 14, 2011 5:23 pm

    .what does happen

    So, what does happen to the kids that get off the little yellow bus once they get to school?Well...for a short period of time, some referred to me as "The retard," Which is a word I don't believe children should ever be allowed to say at school, or anywhere
    Juicy Couture Outlet else. I'd rather hear a child say "Shit" Or "Ass," If given the choice.this is where I became afraid Juicy Couture Outlet Online to participate in gym class. No one wanted the "Retarded girl" On their team. It made it very difficult for me to even want to try. The teacher's were annoyed because I didn't put forth any eftort and only liked to jump rope.I hated gym class from this point didn't help that I wore great big, thick, blue eye glasses and home-made dresses with black, shiny buckle shoes every-day. I sort of looked like margaret from "Dennis the menace especially after 1 lost my two front teeth.besides jumping rope, my other favorite thing to do in gym class was to daydream. Yep. Stare off into space. This seemed to make the time go by faster.nd it didn't help my situation.1 remember loving the "Un-cool" Kids. There's an instant meeting of the minds when you find someone as "Un-cool" As yourself to hang out with.the un-cool kids didn't taunt other students or care what other kids wore. It didn't matter to them if I daydreamed while playing four-square, or if the one time my mom finally let me wear pants to school, they were dark brown corduroy, covered with every brightly colored Juicy Couture Sale sesame street character you could think of.

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