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    it is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ


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    it is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Empty it is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

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    it is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

    To this he adds. mt If you should desire, Reverend Sir. a definition of Metnodism itseir. as wen as or a ivieinociist, voti mav easily be gratified. It is no more nor less than faith working by lovea holy method of living and dying to tne eriorv or uroo. it is a universal morantv. rounoed upon the love of God shed abroad in the heart by the Holy Ghost: or, Tory Burch Sale to keep the exact terms made use of in the last collect of our excellent Liturgy, it is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God. and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, which we cannot go to church or chapel on Sundays, holidays, or other common navs witnout Dravinor. not tnat 11 mav oe driven rrom. but be with us all evermore." With peculiar acuteness he also argued. " If such proceedings be continued, which uoa foroici. wnac utile credit mav we suDoose win Hereafter be given to future University testimonials, namelv, that the bearers of them Tory Burch Outlet have behaved studiously, soberly, and mousvu: ana now must we in time oe mit under a disagreeable necessity of having a new, or at least altering some part of our most excellent ordination office Y as it now stands, one or tne Questions proposed to everycandidate for holy orders runs thus,1 Do you trust that you are inwardly moved by the Holy Ghost V but if all students are to be expelled that sing hvmns. prav extemDore. attend unon. or expound a verse now ana ttien in, a religious Church of England Society, should it not rather, Reverend Sir, be worded thus, namely. 1 Do ye trust that ye are not inwardly moved by the Holy Ghost to take upon you the office and Tory Burch Flats administration of the Church Y You will excuse this freedom. Reverend Sir,Love to God. love to mankind in general, and love to tnai umversitv. mat Mma immer wnere i naa tne nonor or oemg eaucatea, and. what is infinitely more, where I had the happiness of receiving the Spirit of God in my heart, altogether constrain me.' This expostulation is as a Tory Burch Reva Flats whole one of the ablest declamatory productions of lis ceieoratea autnor : ana nomine? can ue weu more severe tnan ms inauirv. wnv. 11 some were 10 tie expelled for extempore praying. mt some few others were not expelled for extempore swearing I"' Powerful as this letter is, it does not enter into the history of the case, a deficiency supplied by the Pietas Oxoniensis.

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