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    Females in whom the production


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    Females in whom the production Empty Females in whom the production

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    Females in whom the production

    Females in whom the production of carbonaceous sub¬stances is naturally limited, from tlie delioato structure of the frame, the weakness of the digestive organs. the small quantity of nourishing food habitually taken; or, in other words, from the absence of thoso conditions which imply vigour or a ful¬ness of life, we ordinarily observe tho pasty or wax-like countenance, and generally a predominance of purely ner¬vous symptoms. In others, possessing vital properties in greater abundance, tbe oessatiou of the uterine function is usually followed by a very different order of morbid pheno¬mena. We may examine tho subject under other points of view, tbe interpretation of which will tend to confirm the physiolo¬gical principles brought forward. During lactation or tbe process of suckling, menstruation, as a rule, ceases. Another issue is established in the system, and of a nature which renders unnecessary the periodical secretion of the womb. Tho powers Tory Burch Flats of life move Tory Burch Outlet in their activity in another direo- tion; and tbe mammary tissue which they stimulate, fur¬nishes a nutritious fluid the constituents of which are very hugely carbonaceous. Tbe interruption of tho uterino discharge from the influ¬ence of lactation, proves tbat the secretion is not fwiwnt'ml to tho structural requirements of the organ. It may be urged in objection to the argument, that at this time it is usually unsusceptible of impregnation. We admit this, as a general fact, though exceptions to it frequently occur. Tbe want of susceptibility may, however, be otherwise accounted for. Tbo nervous system, during lactation, has its activity excitod in the direction of the mammas.

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