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    They become im¬portant vital centres


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    They become im¬portant vital centres Empty They become im¬portant vital centres

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    They become im¬portant vital centres

    They become im¬portant vital centres, maintained at the expense of a large amount of nervous power. On the completion of tho pro¬cess of suckling, the nervous system re-establishes its pre¬vious relations with tho womb, and this with the entire ani¬mal economy. Tho susceptibility of the organ to impregnation certainly depends on tho presence in it of a certain degree of nervous sensibility. The several uterine appendages solicited in tho Explanation of these difference*. The constitution of the two ilwn of animaL* is very different. The nature of the differences. Horns developed in a female roe from disease of the Tory Burch Outlet oeoly. The effect of this on the animal system—the changes produced by it in the condition of the blood and nervous system. Difference in the size and character of the horns in domestic and wild ruminants. Description of the antelope yoa In some ruminants the horns are hollow; in others solid. The constitutional causes of these pecu¬liarities. Examination of the sheep of this country. The breeding of them to secure a larger carcase and readier fattening qualities causes the loss of horns. The physiological principles on which the phenomenon is explicable. Tho tendency to make fat lowers tho tone and vigour Tory Burch Flats of the vital powers, and renders the body unequal to the development of horns. Why the blackfaced Scotch sheep have long hairs as well as wool The differences observed in oxen, between the Unvf-Aomed and the rtort-Aomed, expressed in the aire of the carcase its fattening qualities, and in the accre¬tion of milk. Remarks on the middle-homtd. The conditions by which these are distinguished confirm the accuracy of the views advanced. Hie poiled or AornleM breed*. The cireumstanccs in which they have originated. Why some ruminants are destitute of horns, aa the camel, the lama, and musk-deer.

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